Bluemark Supports National Advocacy Initiative

May 21, 2013 | News

Bluemark is proud to announce that CAP Tulsa has selected Bluemark to implement its MAPS technology to provide the assessment, enrollment and tracking capability for multiple public benefit programs.

A growing body of research suggests that outreach to increase public benefit screening and take-up rates is more likely to be effective when client contact is channeled through enrollment systems that facilitate the application for multiple benefits at one time. Community Action Project’s (CAP) sizeable Early Childhood Program provides an existing, well-defined distribution channel through which such a benefit coordination model can be implemented and tested. Like most Head Start providers, CAP maintains uniquely strong relationships with families with young children in need of assistance, and serves as a trusted intermediary between clients and benefit administrators. CAP also possesses the proven ability and willingness to coordinate among separate public agencies that offer benefits in order to streamline and improve enrollment and renewal processes.

As such, CAP is in an optimal position to catalyze technological innovations to benefit application systems and take great strides towards a seamless benefit coordination solution. Apart from the direct advantages to CAP and its clients, results from this project are intended to inform a broader national understanding of benefit coordination by demonstrating the advantages of sharing data electronically, by creating systems that are immediately transferable to hundreds of Head Start agencies, and by documenting program achievements and challenges.

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