MAPS-clear Patient Portal increases patient engagement and improves enrollment outcomes.

Specifically designed to safely and securely engage your patients

MAPS-clear Patient Portal is designed to keep your organization on the cutting edge of patient outreach and engagement via enhanced electronic capabilities organized into one simple, user-friendly web portal.

Key Benefits

Improved Patient Outreach

Use email, SMS text messages and website QR codes to drive traffic to the portal and initiate the enrollment process.

Efficient Patient Engagement

Facilitate smooth electronic communication between patients and financial counselors while allowing for document submission and e-signature collection entirely online.

Custom Workflows & Automation

Automated direct messages to patients and workflows with instant notifications to keep the enrollment process moving.

How does MAPS-clear Help Hospitals?

Allow compliant patients to come to you

The MAPS-clear patient outreach portal enhances the communication and outreach capabilities of the MAPS Self-Pay Management platform. The web-based application provides patients with access to a self-service portal to directly engage with the financial counseling staff for assistance program eligibility and enrollment, meaning patients can come to you and your team no longer has to spend valuable time chasing them. 

Patient communication can be in the form of secure email or text, and patient traffic can also be driven to the portal through broad based communications and by way of QR codes. MAPS-clear’s One-Time Sessions feature also allows for communication with patients without requiring them to create a portal account. The patient simply opens an email, authenticates themselves and then has access to the specific required action.

Customizable to Your Organization

MAPS-clear can be branded with your hospital’s name and logo. The Patient Profile Manager tool organizes all aspects of your patient engagement process into a simple panel, providing financial counselors with an easy method to create an account or send direct communications with the click of a button.

The technology provides tools that facilitate reaching high-volume, low-dollar accounts. The platform also improves 501(r) compliance by tracking all communications and processes in the MAPS platform.

Self-Service Caters to Changing Patient Demographics

MAPS-clear supports proactive patient outreach activities, remote financial counseling, and new contactless engagement initiatives. It’s a self-service solution for Medicaid and Financial Assistance eligibility and enrollment designed to improve patient experience and satisfaction. It is especially impactful in reaching today’s patients well-versed in contactless communication.

The Push to Patient feature allows a financial counselor to perform a simple update on an account and have an automated message sent directly to the patient allowing them to easily access their account and review status. The Next Step Workflow direct messaging capability lets the patient know when something is needed from them—no phone call or in-person visit required. Patients can upload electronic documentation and signatures without stepping foot on hospital grounds, keeping the enrollment process continuously moving and cutting down on reimbursement times.


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