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New Whitepaper: The Advantages of esMD and Digital Auditing

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Using Bluemark’s intelligent solutions to identify coverage that was missed during normal workflows

Assistance Program Enrollment

Assistance Program Enrollment

The assessment and enrollment process for public benefit programs such as Medicaid, health insurance through the exchange, and Hospital Financial Assistance is multifaceted and complex. Bluemark simplifies the process, enabling clients to easily track and manage activities, ensure compliance and enhance reimbursement.

Payer Audit Management

Payer Audit Management

Providers are under considerable scrutiny from outside agencies, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers, to validate claims and properly manage associated audits and denials. Bluemark’s sophisticated cloud-based audit and compliance technology solution streamlines this process, providing technology to efficiently and effectively manage all types of audits—and protect reimbursement.



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Whitepaper: The Advantages of esMD and Digital Auditing

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