Bluemark, LLC, Unveils Second-Generation MAPS Technology

Oct 8, 2015 | News

NEW PALTZ, NY – (October 8, 2015) – Bluemark, LLC, a specialized healthcare technology developer, is unveiling thesecond generation of its MAPS technology solution, which provides assessment, determination and enrollmentsupport to efficiently manage self-pay populations. The latest generation of MAPS features enhancements that enableproviders, navigators and other facilitated enrollment organizations to identify individuals for and enroll them in alltypes of public assistance programs-including Medicaid, hospital financial assistance, and health insurance throughthe exchange.

The new MAPS family of solutions offers two software versions: MAPS Self-Pay (SP) for hospital and health systemsand MAPS Navigator (NV) for navigators and other facilitated enrollment organizations.

“Managing the uninsured has always had its challenges, but the Affordable Care Act has added a deeper layer ofcomplexity to this process with new eligibility criteria, assistance programs and enrollment pathways,” said BryanExner, Chief Operating Officer. “The new MAPS family of solutions was developed specifically to help organizationsseamlessly navigate this complexity-enabling them to help as many uninsured and underinsured individuals aspossible while achieving maximum results.”

Featuring intuitive technology and a modular architecture, MAPS is the only eligibility and enrollment technologysolution that can be fully configured to meet the unique needs of any organization. Notable new MAPS featuresinclude:

  • Exchange Interface. Seamlessly integrates an organization’s self-pay processes with state-based exchanges forMAGI Medicaid eligible individuals.
  • Self-Service Portal. Allows self-pay individuals to initiate the enrollment process and schedule an appointmentwith an enrollment counselor through a simple online screening tool.
  • Advanced Reporting Analytics. Equips users to access any data available in the system and develop an arrayreports to support outcomes tracking and monitor success.

Bluemark maintains close, collaborative relationships with its community of users, a practice that often drivestechnology enhancements like these. “When our clients talk, we listen. It’s that simple,” Exner said. “Through ourengaged community of users, we stay connected to the challenges that impact them. And we’re intensely committedto continuing to enhance our solutions to meet these ever-changing needs.”

About Bluemark

Bluemark, LLC, is a specialized software and technology developer that provides expert solutions for healthcareprofessionals. Bluemark helps clients maximize reimbursement and achieve workflow efficiencies through thedevelopment of technology-based business process solutions for revenue cycle and HIM audit and complianceprocesses. Backed by a national footprint and strong industry relationships, Bluemark offers mature SAAS-basedtechnology solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market’s changingneeds.