BLUEMARK, LLC, Launches MAPS-Clear

May 14, 2019 | News

The MAPS-Clear Patient Outreach Portal further extends the capabilities of Bluemark’s MAPS solution by providing patient-centric engagement technology.

Bluemark, LLC, a specialized healthcare technology developer announced the launch of the MAPS-Clear patient outreach and communications module for its industry leading MAPS Self-Pay Management platform. This module is available as an add-on to MAPS and provides patients with access to a self-service portal to facilitate the eligibility and enrollment process for Medicaid and Financial Assistance programs. When fully implemented, MAPS-Clear allows patients to securely screen, supply application information, provide required documentation and direct message with hospital’s financial counseling resource. MAPS-Clear leverages electronic communications methods including email, text and social media.

“We are excited to announce the launch of MAPS-Clear. Clients have been asking us about self-service tools for the past several years and with MAPS-Clear they can now engage more self-pay patients at a lower cost,” said Bryan Exner, Bluemark’s Chief Operating Officer. “Patient population demographics continue to shift and traditional forms of communication, letters and phone calls are becoming less effective. Today’s patients want to be communicated with in entirely electronic methods.”

MAPS-Clear will allow MAPS clients to save time and money by providing methods for compliant patients to participate in the assistance program eligibility and enrollment process. Clients will also improve the overall patient experience and increase satisfaction while better aligning communication methods with the demographic changes of the patient population. This low cost outreach and communications functionality ties seamlessly into current MAPS workflows and further improves 501(r) compliance. MAPS-Clear allows patients to collaborate with financial counseling resources maximizing engagement and streamlining the application approval process.