BLUEMARK, LLC, Launches Blueway Portal esMD Solutions.

Jun 22, 2017 | News

NEW PALTZ, NY – (June 23, 2017) – Bluemark, LLC, a specialized healthcare technology developer, is launching the Blueway Portal esMD solution for hospitals, health systems and the broader provider market. Blueway Portal is the first solution to be launched in the company’s new Blueway product family that will ultimately include several claims based solutions. Responding to record requests and keeping up with all of the required documentation in today’s audit arena is an extremely cumbersome process. Blueway Portal is an efficient and cost effective way for providers of all sizes and types to respond to Medicare Fee-For-Service contractor audits by taking advantage of the esMD electronic document submission program with CMS. Bluemark is able to offer this new solution as a Certified Health Information Handler.

“We are excited to launch Blueway Portal and expand Bluemark’s solutions into the claims and audit management arena. With Blueway Portal we have simplified the process of documents submission and audit response,” said Bryan Exner, Chief Operating Officer. “Clients who utilize the solution will see faster payment turnaround times plus cost savings in document assembly, document review, shipping, and follow-on tracking.”

By utilizing Blueway Portal, providers can quickly and easily initiate esMD transactions while continuing to use existing audit workflow management tools and processes. The solution features the ability to electronically submit documents and medical records in response to: Medical Records Discussion Requests and Level 1 and Level 2 Appeal Letters to any esMD subscribing contractor. The secure web-based tool allows providers to securely transmit and receive sensitive audit-related data via the CMS Connect Gateway. Blueway Portal’s inventory reporting capability allows clients to track both active and past esMD transmissions and provides valuable status and statistical reporting.

“Bluemark has been submitting medical records through the esMD Gateway since 2014, and we are excited to bring this capability to the Blueway Portal solution,” Exner said. “We are also excited about the future of the Blueway product family and look forward to releasing new solutions in the months to come.”