BLUEMARK Launches “Full Cycle” esMD

Mar 23, 2020 | News

Bluemark now offers Full Cycle esMD for its Blueway Family of audit management and audit response solutions.

Bluemark, LLC, a specialized healthcare technology developer announced that it will now be offering Full Cycle esMD services as part of its Blueway family of audit management and audit response solutions including Blueway Tracker and Blueway Portal. Bluemark developed Full Cycle esMD to take advantage of the bi-directional electronic document communication between the Medicare Recovery Contractors and healthcare providers. Full Cycle esMD, leverages the CMS esMD Gateway and creates a virtual in-box for electronic document requests and automatically triggers the audit response process. With Full Cycle esMD providers can easily and efficiently respond to all types of Medicare audits. Bluemark is a Certified Health Information Handler and has been working with CMS on the testing and rollout of this capability for the past several months.

“Bluemark is pleased to be one of the first organizations to support this new phase in electronic document communication within the Medicare provider community,” said Bryan Exner, Bluemark’s Chief Operating Officer. “Full Cycle esMD will not only simplify the overall audit response process, but it will improve payment cycle-time, lower provider costs and eliminate errors. In fact, our studies have found that when receiving document requests electronically, providers can save up to five days in the initial stages of the audit response process. This can have a significant impact especially when dealing with time sensitive deadlines.”

Full Cycle esMD will be available within Bluemark’s Blueway family of audit management and response solutions. Blueway Tracker provides all of the necessary tools to assist providers in efficiently managing and responding to Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance audits. Blueway Portal is one of the few standalone esMD solutions available today and allows providers to immediately begin taking advantage of Full Cycle esMD.