Bluemark is excited to announce the renewal of their purchasing agreement with GNYHA Services

Jan 18, 2016 | News

Source: eSynergy (GNYHA Services) –
GNYHA Services recently renewed its group purchasing agreement with Bluemark (, a New York-based technology company that offers solutions designed to help healthcare institutions automate the patient screening and application process for Medicaid and other public financial assistance programs, and facilitate the timely and secure submission of information to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) audit review contractors as well as other third-party auditors. Specifically, Bluemark offers the following Web-based solutions:

  • MAPS: software that is used by hospitals to help to identify patients who are eligible for charity care at the point of service, generate the application for enrollment, provide case management and reporting, electronically store all documentation, provide a preliminary screening for Medicaid, and support the application and enrollment process for Medicaid and a seamless interface to the New York State Health Insurance Exchange to process consumer Medicaid and insurance applications.
  • EASY: software that supports New York City-based long-term care facilities (LTCFs) in the assessment, creation, submission, processing, and tracking of long-term care-related Medicaid applications.
  • Blueway Portal: software that enables hospitals and LTCFs to securely submit medical records to CMS audit review contractors. The Blueway Portal supports expedited document submissions and the improved management of additional document requests from CMS auditors.

The renewed GNYHA Services/Bluemark agreement maintains current pricing at the GNYHA Services member-discounted rates and is effective through June 30, 2018. For further details, please contact the following:

Ken SacksPresident, 654-0794 Barbara GreenSenior Vice President, GNYHA 259-0720 Stewart PresserVice President, GNYHA 506-5444