Bluemark Announces Major New Service Line

Oct 6, 2008 | News

Audit and Compliance Solution Mitigates Hospitals Exposure to RAC Audits

In collaboration with the Greater New York Hospital Association, Bluemark and GNYHA have embarked on a national rollout of TRACker™, a dynamic web-based technology solution to provide hospitals with a powerful method to effectively manage the time-sensitive and complex workflow and documentation requirements needed to satisfy RAC record requests, process determination letters and navigate the multi-tiered rebuttal and appeal process. TRACker™ provides a sophisticated reporting component for real-time financial, compliance and HIM reporting at all levels of the RAC process now that the RAC program has become a nationwide audit function under the Medicare Fee for Service Program.

As of this date, agreements are in place with over 125 hospitals and health systems. In addition, 9 State Hospital Associations have endorsed the TRACker™ and are actively promoting it to their membership.

For more information, please contact Stewart M. Presser, Vice President for Corporate Affairs at GNYHA Ventures, Inc. (212) 506-5444 or