Acurity/Bluemark Agreement Extended for Three Years at Existing Favorable Pricing

Jul 10, 2018 | News

Source (Acurity announcement July 10th 2018). Acurity is pleased to announce that it has extended its group purchasing agreement with Bluemark for three years (through June 30, 2021) at the current, favorable price schedule. Initially entered into in 2006, this agreement brings Bluemark’s automated solutions that support the patient screening and application process for Medicaid and other public financial assistance programs to GNYHA and Acurity members. Now serving more than 30 hospitals, health systems, and continuing care facilities (“healthcare facilities”), the Bluemark portfolio of solutions includes the following:

  • MAPS: This solution consists of two tools that help automate the patient screening and application process for financial assistance and ensure compliance with hospital charity care guidelines and state and federal charity care policies.
  • MAPSch (Medical Application Processing System-Charity) is a Web-based software application that enables healthcare facilities to determine patient eligibility for certain charity care assistance programs, process files, carry out case management, and comply with state requirements.
  • MAPSng (Medical Application Processing System-Next Generation) is software that fully automates healthcare facilities’ financial counseling function; determines eligibility for Medicaid, Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, and other assistance programs; facilitates the submission of Medicaid applications to New York City’s Department of Social Services Eligibility Data and Image Transfer System (EDITS) for NYC residents; and assists in the enrollment and tracking of those individuals who qualify for a state’s health insurance exchange.
  • Eligibility Automation System (EASy) and EASy Client Search Engine: This solution enables New York City-based continuing care facilities to electronically assess, create, submit, process, and track Medicaid applications. EASy also links continuing care facilities directly with EDITS and enables them to opt-in to the sharing of historical information on cases found in EASy.
  • Blueway Portal: A CMS-approved health information handler service, the Blueway Portal helps healthcare facilities securely submit medical records to CMS review contractors via the esMD (Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation) platform.

Under the Acurity/Bluemark agreement, Bluemark’s standard prices are discounted up to 25% for all GNYHA and Acurity members as well as members of GNYHA-affiliated organizations.

To learn more about the Acurity/Bluemark agreement, please contact Barbara A. Green, PhD, Senior Vice President, GNYHA Ventures, at (212) 259-0720 or