Bluemark Launches New Solution for esMD Document Submissions

Jun 23, 2017 | Archive

Responding to record requests and keeping up with all of the required documentation in today’s audit arena is an extremely cumbersome process. Blueway Portal, the newest solution from Bluemark, is an efficient and cost effective way for providers of all sizes and types to respond to Medicare Fee-For-Service contractor audits by taking advantage of the esMD electronic document submission program with CMS.

Blueway Portal has simplified the process of documents submission and audit response. Clients who utilize the solution will see faster payment turnaround times plus cost savings in document assembly, document review, shipping, and follow-on tracking.

Blueway Portal provides tools that strengthen four key areas of the audit response process, including:

  • Basic Audit Inventory Tracking
  • Electronic Document Submission
  • Electronic Appeals Submissions
  • Document Management and Storage

Visit our website,, to learn more about how Blueway Portal can help you respond to document requests. To learn more about the esMD program, download our white paper document.